Is bigger really better? Find out in The Kroger Wars: Oakley vs. Hyde Park

Is bigger really better? Find out in The Kroger Wars: Oakley vs. Hyde Park

OAKLEY – Duke and North Carolina. Xavier and the University of Cincinnati. Oakley versus Hyde Park Kroger?

Some of biggest rivalries have been born out of sheer proximity – and in the case of the Krogers, it is measured in a mere mile and a half. The largest Marketplace in the Tri-State region is set to open Thursday in Oakley Station and is poised to rival its Hyde Park Plaza counterpart in nearly every way – it’s larger with more selection, including organic, comes complete with a wine and beer bar, and will even offer online shopping.

Is bigger really better? Sure, Oakley is all bright and shiny. But Hyde Park has quite the loyal contingent. It’s an establishment in this part of town. And the Oakley store is the new kid on the block. They’re comparisons that Kroger officials “absolutely” embrace, said spokeswoman Patty Leesemann. After all, there’s enough to go around.

“The Oakley Marketplace and Hyde Park stores are unique in their own ways,” she told “Oakley provides another shopping option, and we really feel like this area can sustain two different stores.”

OK, we’re convinced. But, really, which is better? Here’s how they stack up in a head-to-head comparison:

Best (or better) parking

Winner: Oakley (clearly)

Why: There’s not much debate here, really. The new Oakley Kroger will have 580 available parking spots, Leesemann said, and its adjacent retail strip boasts another 150. How many spots does Hyde Park have? It doesn’t matter, because it’s a hard road finding one. And when you do, you’ll be so boiled over with road rage you probably won’t even remember how you got there.